Amboseli National Park

Amboseli is the land of the giants, where large herds of elephant roam beneath the majestic peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. It's one of Africa's most eternal images, especially when the distant snow glimmers and the elephants turn to silhouettes as dusk takes hold. For an introduction to safari, we don't think there are many places that can rival this inspiring iconicity.

What will you see whilst visiting Amboseli National Park?

The bewitching scene is best at sunrise and sunset and we know a number of excellent camps that offer a view directly from your bed. A sprinkling of giraffe and acacia trees join the panorama, continuing Amboseli's wow factor as you're tucking in to breakfast. While the park is famous for its large elephant herds, dotted across the savannah you're also likely to encounter lion prides, big herds of buffalo, and a smattering of different antelope. While you won't see the complete big five, there's a great variety of life to keep you entertained.


Amboseli National Park is a popular area.

After the Masai Mara, this is Kenya's second most popular safari destination and it can get crowded during the summer days. We highly recommend overnighting in Amboseli as the evenings have a wonderful calm and there's nothing like opening your luxury tents to the savannah at dawn. If it's your first time to Africa, the landscape and herds are quick to convince you that Kenya was the right choice for safari. For the ultimate first-time experience, we can arrange a light aircraft transfer from Amboseli to Masai Mara, an astonishing flight that links the snowy mountain with the endless grasslands.


Why should you stay in a private concession?

Accommodation in Amboseli is excellent but you should also consider one of the private concessions that share unfenced borders with the national park, especially for a three-day or longer safari. New activities are possible here, the chance to walk in the land of giants - something that we can never forget. Night time game drives are also beautiful and moving, the landscape alive with strange sights and sounds.

Amboseli deserves its fame and the view is that good you'll want to savour it for more than just a day. Take your time here and it's a special African experience.

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Tortilis Camp view of Amboseli

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