Botswana Safaris

This country just oozes luxury. With its spectacularly diverse landscapes, copious amount of wildlife and exclusive lodges and camps, this is certainly the country to visit should you desire a high-end safari experience, and we think this is the perfect place to indulge.

Truly diverse landscapes.

We love how contrasted the sceneries are here – in Botswana you can spend a few days exploring verdant landscapes, before spending the next day venturing through barren desert and shimmering salt pans. All of these backdrops are well worth visiting too – the deserts here are just as abundant in animals as the luxuriant grasslands. Take for instance the Kalahari Desert, which certainly packs a punch when it comes to wildlife – lions, antelope, elephants, colourful birdlife and even daring predators make this area their home.


The Makgadikgadi Pans and Chobe National Park.

The Makgadikgadi Pans impress us every time; its glimmering white salt pans are surrounded by lush grassland that becomes full of zebra during the wet season. Some of the last hunter gatherers in Southern Africa - the San Bushmen - reside here, so it’s perfect for visiting fascinating villages and embarking on walking safaris too. Chobe National Park may be busy, but our team know plenty of remote areas to ensure you get an exclusive experience. Elephant enthusiasts will love this park - during the dry season Chobe River is the only source of water, so you’ll see thousands of elephants grazing here, and the river offers a unique mokoro boating safari tour.


Botswana's Okavango Delta.

The Okavango Delta is one of our favourite destinations. Split into three parts – wet, dry and mixed – the delta is a beautifully diverse area, offering wonderful mokoro boating safaris, some of the best big game viewing we’ve ever encountered, and incredible walking safaris that just shouldn’t be missed.


Our team will help you create a bespoke trip.

If you fancy indulging in private luxurious lodges and exclusive reserves where you’ll be the only people for miles, our team have a wide range of lavish accommodations and spectacular experiences to share, and they can’t wait to help you create your own bespoke Botswana safari trip.

Itineraries in Botswana

“I will never forget watching the game by the water's edge of the Chobe river. Up close and personal from our safari boat, that's what makes Botswana so special”

Jordan Forbes, Africa Sky Travel Expert
Lion cubs in Okavango Delta

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