Kenya Safaris

Kenya is a classic African destination, and one of our favourites for viewing incredible wildlife. The country is just so iconic when it comes to safaris, and we love everything this area is renowned for – unspoilt wilderness, an abundance of magnificent animals, and incredible, authentic safaris.

Kenya's National Parks & Game Reserves.

Kenya is home to some of the best wildlife in the world, and the annual migration of two million wildebeest, zebra and gazelle that occurs in the Masai Mara Game Reserve is just the beginning. You could see this incredible phenomenon from an amazing price of £3,099 per person, embarking on a one-of-a-kind Porini flying safari that takes you to some of Kenya’s most magical National Parks.

The Masai Mara is definitely the centrepiece of Kenya’s National Parks, no doubt about it, but there is so much more to explore around the other National Parks - their naturally beautiful landscapes are teeming with wildlife. We’ll take you to Amboseli National Park, where you’ll witness impressive herds of elephants walking in front of a breath-taking backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro, and we wouldn’t want you to miss Samburu National Reserve’s unique species of well-known animals. From grevy’s zebra and their unexpected stripes, to the reticulated giraffe with bigger and darker patterns, our jaws dropped when we saw these fascinating creatures.


Our experts offer unique Kenya experiences.

Our experts love wandering off the beaten track. What is a safari holiday without a bit of adventure? Our favourite areas steer away from the busy tourist hotspots - the Laikipa Conservancy that offers access to Nakuru – home to flurries of pink flamingos – and the soaring Mount Kenya are just a couple of these unique areas we’d love to show you. You could even add to the adventure more with a walking tour safari in the Mathews Range – we truly applaud this exclusive safari excursion for its intimate insight into Kenya’s sceneries. Our team can recommend a wide range of lavish lodges, adventurous safaris, and incredible places to spot wildlife, and they’d love to share their passion and expertise with you.

Establishing itself as a natural oasis full of wildlife, Kenya will truly immerse you into an authentic African experience.


Visa requirements for Kenya

Please note, for all arrivals in to Kenya from 01January 2021 you are required have a visa before entry and before check in at the orginating airport. You can apply for an e-visa via the Kenyan Department of Immigration from the below website link.

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“You really know you're alive when you're sitting a couple of feet away from a pride of lions in Kenya”

Romy Birdthistle, Africa Sky Travel Expert
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