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This is a country that’s out of the ordinary. If you’re looking for a unique insight into Africa’s natural beauty, this is the place to go – it really needs to be seen to be believed. In fact, despite us travelling there numerous times, we still can’t fathom just how remarkable it is.

Namibia is a photographer’s paradise.

From barren desert to sweeping grasslands, this country paints a spectacular backdrop that continuously kept us grabbing for our cameras. Etosha National Park is arguably the most well-known, and its green, wildlife abundant sceneries are well-worth a trip. However we endeavour to take you off the beaten track, discovering places you’ll never see anywhere else in the world.

Take for instance Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert. The sand dunes slowly change colour as the sun shifts across the sky, and we believe there’s nowhere better to see the sun rise. One of our favourite sights is Dead Vlei - the stark contrast of white pan floor, jagged camel thorn trees and bright orange sand dunes is breath-taking. Skeleton Coast is eerily beautiful too; its haunting landscape is adorned with seal colonies, flamingos, and even remnants of shipwrecks, whilst Swakopmund’s colonial architecture and desert beaches offer a unique respite in between safaris.


Namibia's unique wildlife.

If you’ve experienced an African safari before, we think Namibia is the perfect country to explore next – the Big Five have been ticked off, now it’s time for new wildlife. From endangered black rhino and wild dogs, to springbok and cheetahs, you’ll come across a myriad of animals, as well as desert elephants, desert rhinos and sand-dwelling lions in Damaraland. Despite the desert’s desolate environment, these incredible creatures have adapted to make this country their home. Our team loves an adventure, and a self-drive tour through Nambia to spot these creatures is perfect for those with an adventurous spirit.

We want you to have a one-of-a-kind safari trip, and our experts have many lavish lodges and jaw-dropping experiences they can’t wait to share with you. Along with our team, you’ll be able to build a bespoke adventure you’ll never forget.

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“The biggest sand dunes ever, rare animals and the Big Five - a fantastic safari like no other”

Mags Longstaff, Product & Marketing Director
Alex - Namibia sand dunes

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