Photographic Safaris

Incredible wildlife, jaw-dropping horizons, friendly local faces and unforgettable sunsets – Africa is a photographer’s paradise. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast, or just want a piece of Africa to take home and marvel at forever, snapping the perfect photo of a prowling lion or an inquisitive giraffe is a huge part of everyone’s African safari.

Photographic boat safaris in Botswana

Verdant river banks, the soft glow of sunlight, majestic wildlife grazing by the river’s edge – Botswana is one of our favourite spots for getting the perfect shot.

Chobe River’s luscious banks and tranquil waters pave a picturesque pathway for a boat safari, getting you so up close to magnificent hippo and elephant that you may not even need to switch to your zoom lens. Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero truly understands the importance photography plays on customer’s safari experiences, offering a fantastic Photographic Safari Cruise on board a two-level boat with upper-deck seats that swivel 360 degrees – allowing you to vary your shots and view wildlife at every angle.

Whether you’re a budding photographer, or only just getting started, the Pangolin Voyager Houseboat in Botswana is ideal for learning a few tricks of the trade. Hop on one of their custom-built photo boats and you’ll enjoy unbelievably up-close encounters with wonderful game, plus individual camera stands to guarantee a steady hand. The guides have even undergone photo guide training, and use their knowledge of animal behaviours to ensure you don’t miss a perfect opportunity.

A sophisticated, boutique houseboat leisurely floating along the glistening Chobe River, hop on the Zambezi Queen and you’ll be met with uninterrupted views of Botswana’s elegant animals to capture on camera. Zambezi Queen’s custom-designed photographic safari boats offer a front row seat to the river banks, with 360-degree swivel chairs and camera mounts offering an unparalleled view of the beautiful photo-ops Botswana has to offer.


Photographic safaris in Kenya

Watching a majestic lion chase a herd of unsuspecting zebra, spotting a graceful giraffe peering above an acacia tree, hearing the crescendo the wildebeest hooves before seeing the migration roar past – Kenya is full of incredible moments that help create unbeatable photos.

The location for the incredible Big Cat Diaries, Governors Private Camp in the Masai Mara is a popular choice for photography enthusiasts -  who could resist the chance of spotting the Marsh pride that enchanted so many on screen? Our favourite opportunity here is the photographic safari with Warren Samuels, one of the incredible cameramen for the series, and a well-renowned wildlife photographer. A photographic safari at Governors Camp is the ultimate lesson in taking impressive wildlife photos, with photography safaris, slide shows and documentaries helping you to hone your skills.

Spending eight days with top wildlife photographers Grant and Helena Atkinson on a Pangolin workshop is a special experience. Based in the stunning Kicheche Bush Camp within the Olare Motorogi private conservancy, your days of off-road game drives and close tuition will certainly take your wildlife photos to the next level. Embarking on exciting game drives with your camera in hand, you’ll spend a few days learning about your equipment, and how to use it to your advantage.


Discover dramatic photo backdrops in Namibia

Endless horizons of barren desert, burnt orange sand dunes contrasted with bright blue skies, the stark shadows of camelthorn trees – Namibia’s landscapes are phenomenal, and will keep you reaching for your camera everywhere you turn.

We still can’t fathom the beauty of the sun rising above Dead Vlei’s shimmering white pan floor – an image worthy of being included in the photo album. Head to Kulala Desert Lodge, close-by to this beautiful phenomenon, and enjoy taking wonderful shots of the soaring Sossusvlei sand dunes from the comfort of your rustic tent.

Desert Rhino Camp, nestled in Damaraland, is one of our favourites for snapping unique shots too. Regularly visited by rare black rhino, and offering brilliant rhino tracking safaris, this is a one-of-a-kind wildlife photo opportunity you won’t want to miss.


Find a game hide and wait for the perfect photo

It’s not just specific photographic safaris that will help you get a photo worthy of framing. Many lodges and camps across Africa are home to their own hides, a disguised area underground that enables you to get up close to elusive wildlife and take wonderful up-close photos. The Hide Safari Camp in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park has multiple hides nestled in its unspoilt surroundings, giving guests ample opportunities to get unbeatable photos.

A fair few lodges and camps allow you to borrow professional cameras too, including Mara Plains Camp in Kenya, who offer Canon cameras and 400mm lenses to loan. If you’re serious about getting the best photos, we’d also recommend booking your own private vehicle and guide, allowing you to tailor-make your game drives and take as long as you please.


Photographic safaris with Africa Sky

Here at Africa Sky we understand the importance of getting the perfect shot, and just how spectacular a photographic safari can be. Give us a call and we will create the ideal bespoke safari for you, suited to your photography needs and desires. Of course, though photography is a significant part of a safari for most, our biggest tip would be to put down the lens once in a while, and drink in Africa’s charm on your own.


Photographic Safaris