Private Safari Game Reserves

Private safari reserves celebrate the stunning diversity of Africa. Providing an intimate and exclusive experience, they enable you to see so many of the famous mammals in just a couple of days. If you're only planning a short safari, we're really fond of how a private reserve epitomises the allure of the continent.

A luxurious safari.

These are unashamedly luxury experiences. Dip in the pool as elephant wander past, ride horses alongside zebra herds, and open the curtains to grazing antelope. Fine dining is served with a spectacular view and we love the leisurely afternoons at the lodge, where you snooze on the verandah only to be woken by grunting hippos and buffalo.


We've picked the best for you.

Private safari reserves really vary in quality and we're careful to only recommend those that have a proven track record for quality, both in terms of experiences and conservation. Some in northern Kenya have led the continent in revitalising the black rhino population. Various options are found in South Africa, small enclaves that feature opulent accommodation and the complete big five cast. The very best of these are found in Kruger National Park or North West South Africa, where they're a major part of a much broader ecosystem.


Why are these types of reserves so spectacular?

Private game reserves are compact and easy to explore, which is great if your idea of safari includes lots of relaxing at the lodge while still seeing all the animals. You can come for just one or two nights to discover the big five and much more, making them ideal for a first-time safari. Romantic breaks are exceptionally catered for and South Africa has many malaria-free game reserves which are ideal for families.


Full of adventure.

In comparison to national parks, the private reserves sometimes struggle to support the huge quantities of wildlife. This is compensated by the exhilarating range of safari activities. Game drives, bush walks, horseback and bicycle adventures, night time drives, special photography hides...we love visiting a private game reserve and trying it all.

Then there are the extras, and this is where we think a private game reserve really shines. Perhaps a moonlit dinner for two amongst zebra and springbok; a welcome champagne lunch on a savannah with rhinos; a decadent suite surrounded by wild Africa. Tell us your dream safari requests and we'll know the private game reserve that can make it happen.

Our favourite places for Private Safari Reserves

Singita Mara River Tented Camp - Singita Grumeti