Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve

The great icons of African safari come alive in Sabi Sand. Few destinations can offer such an abundance of predators, particularly the normally elusive leopard which is seen in staggering numbers. Rhinos and buffalos are as widespread as the acacia trees, and they’re just two magical species that congregate on the world-famous savannah. We’ve always believed that Sabi Sand deserves its fame and consistently delivers outstanding safari experiences.

The evolution of a world-famous reserve

Sabi Sand has played a pioneering role in developing safari tourism. It’s made up of a series of smaller unfenced reserves, which together share a 35-mile unfenced border with Kruger National Park. Animals move freely and they’re almost magnetically attracted by the Sabi and Sand rivers. It’s these water sources that give Sabi Sand one of the world’s highest big-game densities and we can recommend many lodges on the riverfront.

There’s never a quiet moment and we can’t get enough of the action-packed days exploring. Look one way and a huge herd of zebra and wildebeest hold you captive. Turn around and there’s a hippo wading out of the water. Gaze to the horizon for distinguishing giraffe necks and elephant trunks, then scan the trees for a leopard lazing the morning away.


Fabulous predator encounters

Go on safari and all the animals can bring a charm and excitement. But some hold a really special place in the safari experience. We fondly remember a four-night stay that encountered almost a dozen different leopards, plus a single game drive that followed two distinctive lion prides on a raid. It’s not just predator versus prey, as Sabi Sand bears witness to dramatic battles between hyenas and young lions, as well as wild dogs pouncing on small nocturnal hunters.


Wide choice of luxury accommodation

We’ve stayed at many different camps and lodges in this large reserve and found something to suit a range of budgets and tastes. There are some outstanding options if you’re seeking untrammelled luxury, like spa facilities and private pools overlooking the plains.

Very few destinations make safari so exciting while maintaining all the contemporary comforts. And little can rival sitting back on a lavish veranda as Africa’s wild theatre plays out in the river below.

Places to stay in Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve

Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve elephant grazing

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