Zimbabwe Safari Itineraries

At Africa Sky, we create bespoke safaris that are personalised to every traveller who gives us a call. Whether you’re a first timer or you’re looking to go beyond the norm, sometimes all you need is a bit of inspiration to help you start the planning process. That’s where our fantastic safari itinerary suggestions come in.

Our guide prices for each safari are based on two sharing in the low or shoulder seasons. For Zimbabwe this is usually November to March, when the famous Victoria Falls becomes more of a trickle than a waterfall. Nevertheless, we find Zimbabwe to be a treasure trove for birdwatchers at this time. It’s also birthing season, which is as wonderful as you can imagine.  

The safaris below act as inspiration for your adventure – you can either follow our ideas, or we can discuss different location and accommodation options with you. You can even arrange your own flights and have us concentrate on your itinerary. After you’ve gained some inspiration, give our Safari Designers a call to start creating your safari in Zimbabwe.

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