Single Travellers Safaris

A safari adventure is always shared. Even when you travel alone, there are tens of thousands of wild animals joining you on the savannah, each as compelling as the last. With a great range of tailored activities and a huge choice of destinations, we think safari is an exquisite option if you're travelling solo.

Our collection of lodges are perfect for single travellers.

Travelling solo means not compromising over what you want to do. Which is why we like to recommend camps and lodges that offer a varied range of experiences. Choose a morning walking safari and be guided by a Masai tribesmen or San tracker. Swap the afternoon game drive for a serene mokoro canoe safari, or stay out after dark on a riveting night time drive.

The safari destinations of Africa have a mystical atmosphere. They give you a sense of space and calm, whilst exciting with moments of drama. Sometimes they keep you guessing and are packed with surprise; at other times you just sit back and watch a charming procession of wildlife approach the river below. We've often felt that the landscape knows what we're thinking, and adjusts the ambience to suit the mood.


Your safari can be personalised to you.

Our knowledge of Africa enables us to create holidays that reflect your interests. Some camps provide shared activities, so you'll always be meeting new people. Other adventures are private, enabling you to set the pace and decide what to focus on. Have a love for hippos? The guides will bring a picnic to enjoy next to them. Missing leopards from your list? Trackers will know how to seek them out in the trees.


What about single supplements?

Many camps charge a single supplement but we do know a few that don't. Travelling outside the peak season minimises the supplement you'd have to pay. And with the whole of Africa at your fingertips, the options are almost endless.

The epic grasslands of East Africa, gorillas in Rwanda, rhinos in Kruger, a captivating journey through the Okavango oasis...whatever your idolised safari image is, we know where to make it happen.

Olakira Camp photo of guide with guest - Eliza Deacon