Safari and Beach Holiday in Mauritius

With beaming sunshine and bright blue skies almost every day of the year, Mauritius is one of our favourite choices for soaking up the sun after a gruelling yet exciting African Safari. Nothing could be more relaxing than sunbathing to the soundtrack of gentle waves lapping on the shore.

Is There Such a Thing as a Beach Oasis?

Sitting east of Madagascar, Mauritius is an island paradise we just can’t get enough of. Sugary sand beaches, crystal clear lagoons, luxurious retreats… imagine a beachside oasis and Mauritius will certainly fit the bill. Grand Baie is arguably the most incredible beach here, and it’s one of our favourites in the world - the ambience is so serene, with towering palm trees lazily swaying in the light breeze.

The vibrant coral reefs paint the perfect backdrop for scuba diving, should you fancy vacating your comfy sunbed on the beach. Teeming with exotic schools of fish, bright corals, and even fascinating ship wrecks, the world living in Mauritius’ ocean is nothing short of remarkable.


Explore the Local Markets

In between rejuvenating in world-class spas and enjoying the warmth of the sun, we recommend exploring the local markets. One of our favourites is the quiet market in Rose Hill, where you can while away an afternoon chatting with locals whilst pouring over stalls full of colourful fruits and vegetables. Your safari will have been filled with delectable bush dinners, but Mauritius’ food scene is well worth drooling over, too. Inspired by French, Indian, African and Asian cuisines, your beach stay will be full of delicately spiced curries and fresh seafood.

For the ultimate beach experience we love travelling over to the private island of Ile aux Cerfs. It’s hard to believe that the white sand beaches you see before you are real, but rest assured that they are, and they’re full of secluded coves, amazing golf courses, and beautifully clear waters perfect for snorkelling.

Of course with such a magnificent backdrop, Mauritius is home to plenty of breath-taking, luxurious accommodations. Our team can’t wait to create your perfect bush to beach itinerary, fit with lavish lodges and the most wonderful memories you’ll keep forever. Click here to view accommodation in Paradise Cove Boutique and Zilwa Attitude.

Places to stay in Mauritius

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