Luxury Honeymoon Safari Packages in Africa

Africa provides a dreamy honeymoon destination, elevating the escapism with the unique beauty of safari. It's something new and exotic, with everyday offering a truly memorable experience. Yet a safari is also wonderfully relaxing; the African landscapes runs on an ancient rhythm that is perfect for romance.

This is one of life's most romantic pleasures.

In some ways a safari responds to all the classic honeymoon desires. Exceptional accommodation affords privacy, with private plunge pools overlooking the savannah and suites that are sometimes hundreds of metres from anyone else. Fine dining and celebratory drinks are the norm on every day. You get all the space you could wish for, along with all the luxury that makes a honeymoon especially memorable.

And then there is the nature. You're not just dining beneath the stars, you're watching silhouetted elephants and giraffe wander past. It's not just an opulent bath tub; it's also a view over the river where zebra and buffalo are playing. There aren't any other people around, but when you open the curtains you spot rhino and giraffe through floor-to-ceiling windows. Then when the evening draws to a close, the landscape sings a wild lullaby that captures the heart.


Africa's luxurious lodges are perfect for a honeymoon.

Africa's luxury camps and lodges have always been romantic and boutique. They're on a small and personal scale, with great care taken over all the little details. South Africa's private conservancies are always a great honeymoon option, notably those in the Greater Kruger area. We'd also recommend a fly-in safari in countries like Kenya, Botswana or Tanzania, choosing two or three different parks to really explore the diversity of both your safari experience and your honeymoon.

Africa is also fringed by thousands of miles of spacious white sand and you're only ever a short flight away from enchanting beaches devoid of footprints. Bush and beach makes a classic honeymoon combination.


An intimate and unique experience.

On a honeymoon safari we can guarantee you a private space just for two. Two people that is, because you'll always be surrounded by the charms of those with four legs. And this special wildlife helps create the most unique of experiences, from a picnic with hippos to an elephant drinking from your plunge pool.

Our favourite places for Honeymoon Safaris

Ubuntu Camp couple by waterfall viewpoint