Horse Riding Holidays in Africa

Zebra are cantering across the plains and you're not just watching them, you're riding with them. The intimacy and thrill of a horseback safari makes it instantly memorable, almost enabling you to become part of the herds. Elephants, giraffe, even rhino...our knowledge of Africa can get you riding safely with the giants.

Discovering Africa's wildlife from a new perspective.

We love providing intrepid adventures for experienced riders, including multi-day journeys across private conservancies that teem with life. But we also know many destinations where complete beginners can enjoy a short horseback safari. Moving slowly across the savannah and sharing the space with wild mammals allows you to see everything from a new angle.


An idyllic experience.

The encounters are always inspiring. Ride through a wildebeest herd at dawn, canter into the trees and startle a hartebeest, pass a hundred raucous baboons, and then glide across an open plain as an elephant herd watches on. The horse is a big part of the experience and we've tried out rides from a variety of stables across Africa. You can expect forward-moving responsive horses that aren't spooked in the company of other mammals. They're designed for anyone to ride, although the multi-day safaris are for riders who are confident and comfortable on a horse.


Where to enjoy this type of safari.

There are few set trails. We love how a horseback safari takes you completely off the beaten track, into habitats that can only be seen with four hooves. To maintain safety, guides lead you around areas without the big cats. Our understanding can get you riding on East Africa’s famous grasslands, a remote conservancy in Botswana's Okavango Delta, South Africa's Kruger National Park, plus a whole array of lesser-known destinations. Trotting elegantly across the wilderness fully immerses you in the natural beauty of Africa. Cantering and galloping along with the herds takes the experience to another level and has always made us feel humbled.

We strive to make the safari as memorable as possible, with very small groups and exclusive locations. Whether it's a two-hour introductory ride or a week-long journey, our knowledge of Africa makes your dream horseback adventure possible. Become one with the animals with this truly immersive experience. We feel there’s nothing more spectacular than riding alongside Africa’s giants.

Our favourite places for Horseback Safaris

Lewa Safari Camp Horseriding