Laikipia Conservancy Areas

The mystical wilderness of Laikipia is one of Africa's great luxury safari destinations. Split into a patchwork of private conservancies, we've consistently found Laikipia to offer a stunning blend of endangered species and exclusive experiences. Whether it's your first or fiftieth time to Africa, there's a wonderful diversity of things to see and things to do that makes Laikipia unforgettable.

Unique wildlife is found in Laikipia.

Stretching out beneath the summit of Mount Kenya, Laikipia is a haven for Africa's unique and unusual. Almost half of East Africa's black rhinos occupy the bush, spectacular packs of wild dogs roam the plains, and you won't have to wait long to find majestic herds of beisa oryx and Grevy's zebra. Perhaps our favourite is the aquatic sitatunga antelope, sometimes only leaving its head poking above the surface. Famous animals also enchant and we love the sight of elephants migrating past the lodge or lion prides beneath the distant peak.


Laikipia is home to wonderful conservancies.

Laikipia is a fantastic example of successful conservation and much of the landscape used to be cattle grazing area. It's been transformed into private conservancies which celebrate the raw authenticity of Africa, while still being fully tailored towards the luxury experience. The originality of the different conservancies means it's easy to spend a whole week around Laikipia exploring diverse habitats.


The wildlife abundant Ol Pejeta conservancy.

Ol Pejeta is the most famous and you're guaranteed encounters with rhinos, including the world's final three northern white rhinos. A chimpanzee sanctuary adds to the charm and the predator sightings are legendary. Solio Game Ranch, Sosian Ranch and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy are also flagship luxury reserves, thanks to their exceptional accommodation and wonderful array of wildlife. Then there are the smaller hidden favourites that we love to recommend.


There are plenty of ways to explore.

Sometimes the safari experience involves lounging at the lodge and watching the plains. Game drives are incredibly successful in seeking out different predators, but the savannah can also be enjoyed on foot or horseback. We can't get enough of the feeling you get when waking up each morning and handcraft the dream safari itinerary for the day.

You don't need to escape the crowds in Laikipia. These are vast conservancies that limit access to a handful of visitors. We love the feeling this creates, evoking a sense of wild limitless Africa while providing indulgent luxury pleasures.

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