Damaraland has always been quick to make us feel humbled. Majestic cliffs tower over red-tinted valleys that are crossed by elephant bulls, surreal boulders climb into the desert sky, and antelopes dart amongst the surreal colours. This is a wild and beautiful place, one that immerses you in the enormity of Mother Nature and her seductive spells.

Damaraland is for the adventurous.

If you like the outdoors then Damaraland is as big a playground as you could ever hope for. There are literally thousands of miles of hiking and cycling trails, some of them leading to mystical ancient rock art. We'll never forget how a local guide taught us how these paintings were an ancient form of communication between nomadic families. Adventures can be with or without guides and there's always another stunning viewpoint to ascend to.

Sometimes it feels as if you're exploring another planet, the rustic hue pervading every vista and the scale verging on the ethereal. But then a herd of elephant crosses the valley below, or a rhino marches between the cliffs towards a dry riverbed.


The wilderness here is bewitching.

Nothing has tamed or changed Damaraland and the wildlife is always on the move. This adds to the eery beauty, the wildlife sightings coming sporadically and surprisingly, sneaking a further dose of magic into the day. The probability of spotting rhinos and elephants is enhanced in September and October, the final months of the dry season. These lonely mammals can provide a sublime focal point to the impressions of scale, especially if you're keen on wildlife photography.


Taking you back to nature in unique ways.

Damaraland is not a national park or a safari destination. It's a connection with nature, a surreal journey into one of the world's most astounding landscapes. In such a vast untouched destination, the accommodation has a natural focus on exclusivity. We can recommend a number of exclusive camps and lodges in different regions of Damaraland. Each can tailor a stay towards your specific interests.

On our various trips to Damaraland we've taken thousands of photos. Yet none come close to expressing the raw splendour of this landscape. Even professional photographers have told us that Damaraland is too strange to capture. We've found that the experience isn't just about the epic visuals, it's about the feeling of being enveloped in another world.

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