Addo Elephant National Park

There are no prizes for guessing the star attraction in this beautiful little South African park. Elephants roam in their hundreds and you can’t keep track of the herds, with babies swinging their trunks beneath proud mothers and large males meeting in tense stand offs. But journey away from these giants and there are many more authentic encounters on offer.

A rare chance to self-drive in a majestic safari park

Seeing huge elephants is dramatic enough in a safari vehicle. We’ve found there’s something extra special about doing it all in your own vehicle, certainly in this park. As Addo is very close to the Garden Route, it’s easy to incorporate one or two nights of thrilling safari into an overland itinerary. There are two loops around the park on tarred roads and the park rangers provide informative guidelines on how to stay respectful to the animals’ space.


Great value safari any month of the year

Black rhinos and spotted hyenas have recently been reintroduced to the park. They join rumbustious buffalo herds and an inspiring assortment of antelopes. This impressive cast creates one of Africa’s best value safari experiences. The low park fees and excellent nearby accommodation ensure you can enjoy very authentic experiences at a fraction of the cost of more famous parks.

Guided safaris are possible here and local knowledge helps you uncover some of the park’s more elusive species, particularly a pride of enigmatic lions. You can see most of it in one or two days and you can consider combining the Addo experience with one of South Africa’s most exclusive private reserves.


You can never get enough of Addo’s elephants

When you’ve seen one elephant you definitely haven’t seen them all. Youngsters use their trunks as snorkels, babies chase away warthogs, and matriarchs wander with an air of grace. Just stop the vehicle, take in the beauty of the detail, and marvel at the promise of Africa. That’s what Addo is all about.

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Addo Elephant National Park

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