Timbavati Private Game Reserve

Charming and captivating, Timbavati Private Game Reserve is one of South Africa’s most revered destinations. Every day is a surprise as you explore a fabulous array of landscapes, with elephants bulldozing through the acacia woodland and lions roaring on the open savannah. It’s a reserve that offers so much more than the big five and is perfect for unravelling the depths and secrets of an African safari.

Sharing an unfenced border with Kruger National Park

Timbavati is a private reserve and access is carefully restricted to guests staying at one of the lodges. However, there are no fences and the wildlife roams freely between Timbavati and Kruger National Park. We love how the landscape provides an authentic Kruger experience without the crowds.

Spot lionesses on a hunt and the experience is all yours. Listen to buffalo beneath the lodge and photograph them without another person in sight. Gaze into the trees and uncover the camouflage of a female leopard, then wait a few moments for the cub to come into view.


Unusual predators give Timbavati an added charm

While Timbavati is great for spotting the big five and the more famous African mammals, it has two thrilling surprises. We’d recommend staying for three nights as this provides a good chance of encountering white lions and wild dogs. With game drives in the day and night, you should also experience unusual animals like tsessebe and roan antelope.


Exceptional luxury experiences

Like all the best Kruger safaris, there’s nothing predictable about Timbavati’s wildlife encounters. Different animals arrive from the national park, spending a week or a month before moving onwards. There’s a beauty to the discovery that we can’t get enough of, each moment imbuing the mystique of the wild.

On our multiple visits to Timbavati we’ve always been very impressed with the quality of the lodges and tented camps. From private villas to safari under canvas, there’s an option that will satisfy every taste, whether you’re on a honeymoon or wanting to lounge in deck chairs as elephants are squirting water in the river below.

Places to stay in Timbavati Private Game Reserve

Timbavati Game Reserve lions

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