Nambiti Private Game Reserve

The infectious spirit of Africa dominates the ambience in Nambiti, where wild animals roam through the camps and game drives connect the four-legged wonders of a continent. Situated in a malaria-free area in northern South Africa, this exclusive reserve responds to all the classic preconceptions of safari, mixing thrilling wildlife encounters with an atmosphere that will stay with you for eternity. If you’re looking for a quick and easy big-game safari that sticks true to Africa’s authenticity, we’d highly recommend Nambiti.

Such Diversity, Discovered So Easily

Every animal has its own kingdom. Explore woodland and savannah and there’s a diversity to the mammals you find. Crossing the grassland is very different to weaving through riverine bushland. Namibit’s closely connected mix of habitats means you can expect to see dozens of species within a couple of hours, with the big five among them.

This isn’t a particularly big reserve and you won’t experience the space and silence found in other parts of South Africa. However, if you’ve never been on safari, Nambiti is a perfect introduction and leaves you wanting for nothing.

Easy to Incorporate Into a South African Holiday

Most visitors to South Africa will want to see the famous animals. We don’t recommend many small fenced reserves as they don’t capture the true brilliance of the wild. Nambiti is one that does and it’s easily combined with the Drakensberg region. Roughly halfway between Johannesburg and Durban, we’ve found that this compact reserve fits perfectly into a self-drive holiday. So stay a couple of days and let someone else do the driving, as you sit back and admire all the animals.

Luxury to Complement the Wild

Nambiti places a strong emphasis on the quality of its accommodation. You can be tucked away in one of ntimate five-star properties, where you can bask in the feeling of being one on one with nature. There’s certainly a splendour and sophistication to the lodges, but when an elephant herd rumbles past you’re quickly reminded of Africa’s wild spirit.

Places to stay in Nambiti Private Game Reserve

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