Tswalu Kalahari Private Game Reserve

A surreal soundtrack drifts across the Kalahari, the rumble of hooves echoing around sporadic lion roars and hippo grunts. Space and serenity rule in this northern corner of South Africa, creating a wonderful escape from the modern world. Tswalu Kalahari is a true untouched getaway. Except, you’re never alone, as nature’s orchestral voices provide a hint of what inhabits the grasslands.

South Africa’s largest private reserve

The reserve’s approach is simple. Take 400 square miles of flourishing Kalahari grassland, add a thrilling collection of famous and endangered species, then reserve it all for just 30 guests. Black and white rhinos inhabit the bushes, leopards and cheetahs stalk prey on the open plains, and magnificent black-maned lions provide one of Africa’s most iconic sights.

It really feels like you’re exploring their world. But it also feels as if the Kalahari has become your own personal wildlife paradise.


A highly customisable experience

With so much space to discover, the reserve places a huge emphasis on tailoring the safari for every guest. We really like the attention to detail, with guides talking you through the options and planning out dream safari programs. The horseback safaris here are legendary and there are innumerable options for walking safaris. If you’re interested in specific animals, then the game drives will be customised accordingly.

This approach works brilliantly for families and the reserve can organise exciting activities specifically for your younger ones. It’s also ideal for anyone with a firm idea of what they want to experience on safari, from spotting rhinos on horseback to seeking out very rare species on night time drives.


A Malaria-Free safari option

Tswalu Kalahari is in the middle of nowhere, and that’s part of the appeal. We’d recommend flying in and spending four days or more, such is the scale of the reserve and the enchantment of the escape. Perhaps best of all, the entire reserve is malaria free.

As you settle into the reserve your senses open up to all the sights, sounds and smells. Soon you can’t imagine a world without rhinos and big cats, such is your immersion in this untouched Kalahari paradise.

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