Nkomazi Game Reserve

Lush green valleys, soaring ancient mountains, sweeping rivers and expansive grasslands are met with a divine sense of solitude and exclusivity in Nkomazi Game Reserve, a treasure trove of ecological wonder. Wander through plains adorned with rare Barberton Daisies in search of free-roaming wildlife, taking in perhaps some of the most one-of-a-kind, eclectic landscapes in South Africa.

An incomparable ecosystem

Nestled within Mpumalanga – Zulu for ‘where the sun rises’ – Nkomazi Game Reserve has its own unique ecosystem, adorned with rare flora and unspoilt natural beauty. With only one property, the Nkomazi Game Reserve Lodge, perched within its 15000-hectacres of plains, a stay in this reserve evokes a truly intimate and secluded feel. The humbling opportunity of having an entire game reserve full of incredible sceneries all to yourself is a rare gift that will always stay close to your heart.


Wild adventures

Home to some of the oldest rock formations in the world, Nkomazi is riveting, and also lends itself to adventures that aren’t just exclusive to game drives and walking safaris. Hop on a mountain bike to cycle across the rolling hills, gently float along the Komati River whilst fly fishing for wild Yellow Fish, and end the day peacefully star gazing.


A wonderful luxury experience

If having an entire outdoor playground to yourself isn’t enough, Nkomazi Game Reserve Lodge is a beautiful property perched along the grassy banks of the Komati River, an opportune lodge for relaxing and being at one with nature.

Places to stay in Nkomazi Game Reserve

Rhino in Nkomazi Game Reserve

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