Thanda Private Game Reserve in KwaZulu Natal

Elegant and romantic, Thanda Private Game has been taking luxury safari experiences to a new peak. This is where you come for an exclusive getaway among the thrilling wilderness of Africa. Think jacuzzi bubbles while watching rhinos, opening the curtains to elephants herds, and dining beneath the stars as lions roar from afar. Great for honeymooners and anyone seeking real privacy, Thanda Game Reserve is one of those treasured gems that we can’t rate highly enough.

Iconic Safari Experiences

Buffalo, giraffe, zebra herds, cheetah cubs, leopards on the move...Thanda’s roll call of animals is extremely impressive and the guides know where to seek out the most dramatic of safari scenes. With mountains providing a majestic backdrop, the picturesque savannah is awash with life and you’ll be exploring on both game drives and bush walks.

It’s all enhanced with the luxury touches. We loved stopping on the savannah and pouring a glass of champagne as a herd of eland played nearby. Or a specially erected dining table that brought sunset views and enchanting moments with a large giraffe tower. With so few guests on the reserve, the staff are always looking to tailor the experience to your dreamy preconceptions.


Some of Africa’s Finest Accommodation

While this private reserve has impressive wildlife, Thanda really stands out through the quality of its accommodation. They’ve won multiple world awards for both the lodge and tented camp, and the private Jabula Tent is one of our top South African safari recommendations for honeymooners. We love the paraffin lanterns, open living spaces and unconstrained expression of nature.


A Chic and Sophisticated Approach to Safari

Finding the right balance between contemporary luxury and authentic wilderness is something that few game reserves achieve. Thanda is incredibly ambitious and successful in offering a contemporary luxury that never interrupts the sense of being in wild Africa.

This is the African bush in all its glory. But then it’s also one of the world’s finest hotel experiences, right down to the decadent desserts, thoughtful wine list and unique surprises. It certainly doesn’t come cheap but the opulence of the experience is well worth the price tag.

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