Lake Naivasha National Park

Hundreds of hippo emerge from Lake Naivasha every evening, grazing in the sunset as you gaze across the rippling water. Colobus monkeys occupy the trees while pelican flocks are illuminated by the moon. There's always a charming vista here and the small private conservancies around the lake make an idyllic place to spend a night or two.

A peaceful wilderness.

Lake Naivasha can be wonderfully noisy, especially in the evenings, when males hippos are fighting, marabou stork are squawking, and monkeys emit their reverberating hoots. Birdlife is prolific and the diversity makes it one of our favourite birding destinations in East Africa. But most of all, Lake Naivasha is calm. Two hours north of Nairobi, on route to Lake Nakuru and Mount Kenya, it's a place for relaxing and recharging the batteries.


Lake Naivasha is abundant in wildlife.

Hippos dominate and there are thousands in the lake, each pod with its own territory. They graze beneath the lakeside lodges, an enchanting sight while fine dining beneath the stars. Wildlife is scattered across the lakeshore and often visible from the main road, the likes of zebra, giraffe, buffalo, and gazelle all feeding without the threat of predators. Vervet and colobus monkeys are equally plentiful and we've often opened the curtains to a troop inhabiting our balcony.


There are plenty of unique safari experiences.

Lake Naivasha isn't where you find the big five, but the absence of dangerous animals opens up new safari opportunities. Walking and boat safaris are the norm, while journeys on horseback are imbued by thrill. The nearby Hell's Gate National Park is the perfect place for a mountain bike safari, and you'll even encounter giraffe and buffalo on two wheels. Usually you explore for a couple of hours then return to the lodge and unwind, with the accommodation offering some of East Africa's best-value luxury.

We can recommend a handful of sumptuous lodges that are set in their own private conservancies. Serene and surreal, these are the highlight of the experience, especially when you're on long safari itinerary. So come to savour the tranquility and soak up the enchantment of wildlife scattered across your panorama.

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Loldia House flamingoes flying by Lake Naivasha

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