Murchison Falls National Park

Cruising along the River Nile is an experience from the top of many Africa bucket lists. In Murchison Falls it comes complete with boisterous buffalos, yawning hippos, and a dozen unique species grazing along the banks. We think this park is perfect for a first-time safari. But every time we return, we find the charm of the Nile continues to hold us captive.

Discover the cascading Murchison Falls.

Located in the north of Uganda, Murchison Falls is all about the water. The falls are seriously impressive, broad sheets of water thundering 40 metres into a chasm, then reappearing as clouds of swirling mist. Standing on the precipice offers a stunning insight into nature's power, while a series of walking trails provide enticing views of its beauty. Take a picnic lunch, admire the baboons, and spend a few hours engrossed in the falls that give the park its name.


Ways to experience the Murchison Falls.

We love how game drives and boat cruises complement each other here. One is calm and gentle, about sitting back and admiring all the alluring characters along the banks. Oribi and waterbuck hooves kick up water, hippos bathe in their hundreds, and birdlife is prolific along the river. Game drives are rugged and adventurous, bumping across the savannah to bring intimate moments with elephants and giraffe on the move. Lions and leopards aren't abundant, so we only recommend lodges and camps with exceptional guides who know exactly where to look. Add in the opportunity for a walking safari and there's little missing from the first-time safari experience.


Alluring accommodation is near by.

Accommodation brings charm in Murchison Falls and there are few finer moments than gazing over the River Nile at sunset. The hippos are emerging to graze as the water glistens with golden tones, then dinner is served with the hoot of wild monkeys echoing across the river.

The River Nile has always evoked dreamy images about Africa and we think Murchison Falls National Park is the best place to experience the expressive wonder of this famous river. Whether it's admiring the falls or discovering the wildlife, you can't help but be enchanted by the beauty of the Nile.

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