Ubuntu Migration Camp

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Following the annual wildebeest migration as it moves its way through Serengeti National Park, Ubuntu Migration Camp offers a small and intimate place to watch this incredible spectacle away from the crowds.

We love that Ubuntu moves not only to the north and south of Serengeti, but to the west as well – offering wonderful views of the migration all year round. In fact, Ubuntu is the only camp that moves to three separate locations, ensuring their views of the migration are the best.

The tents and public areas at Ubuntu offer a charming take on eco camping. Each of the seven tents feature a double bed, woven rugs, a bathroom, a small covered seating area, and rustic décor that epitomises the authentic African style. There is also one family tent with two bedroom areas.

Ubuntu’s mess tent is perfect for relaxing in between game drives. Split into two, the minimalist dining area offers a pretty and rustic space to tuck into delicious cuisine and watch the sunset, whilst the lounge area provides a comfortable area to watch wildlife saunter by.

The camp prides itself on their amazing guides, guaranteeing your game drives are nothing short of spectacular, and that you’ll always be met with warm, Tanzanian hospitality.

Serengeti migration viewing is year round.

What's Included

  • All tents have double beds
  • WiFi
  • Game drives in a 4x4 purpose built safari vehicle
  • Full board food and drinks
  • Cultural visits (north)
  • National Park fees

Open in south Serengeti December to March, north July to November, and west May to July. Children over five are welcome.

Price Information

This camp can be booked as part of a tailor-made safari, with or without flights. Per person per night prices from £495 / €565 / $645

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